Dvergshöfdi Reykjavik

Wettbewerb 2022, 1. Preis

A pre-existing foundation leads the general structure of the proposed building. The new office sits on an unfinished underground parking garage and is intended to be a pioneer in innovative and sustainable building development in Iceland. The proposed hybrid system for the slabs combines wooden and concrete elements. The aim is that, by reducing the height of the originally planned slabs, the cumulative loads on the existing foundations and the embedded carbon emissions of the structure are also lessened. The horizontal stabilisation of the structure is ensured by two concrete cores at the centre of the floors, thus liberating the facades from structural constraints and allowing for the implementation of photovoltaic elements.

Through the reduction of the structural elements to the absolute minimum and a pragmatic choice of the construction materials it is possible to create a highly flexible space with a minimal environmental impact and a long lifespan, as the spaces can be reorganised at will without any changes in the structure. An experimental research field for alternative energy sources is being created on the roof. Wind turbines will be attached to the grid structure. The roof space will serve as a research space that is easily accessible and offers the possibility to test different technologies in connection with wind power and solar energy. In addition, the roof space is also a multifunctional place for company celebrations or get-togethers in good weather conditions.